Sarah Noor designs are inspired by modern nostalgia. The foundation of each collection bare classic silhouettes merged with modern settings, exploring the sensibility of redefined luxury. Each piece is handcrafted from 18k recycled gold and set with a melange of precious and semi precious gemstones.

Lucid, a capsule collection by Sarah Noor. Each piece is created from glass like resin, set with incandescent cubic zirconia stones, skilfully placed in a linear design of a fluid hoop silhouette. This collection is an exploration of kaleidoscopic elements from a dream world and the natural composition of light.

Sustainability. We are committed to sourcing our materials in an ethical and sustainable manner. Each piece is entirely crafted by hand, using recycled gold and individually sourced gemstones. We deal with the same small selection of reputable diamond suppliers. All our diamonds are sourced in the most ethical and environmentally responsible manner, adhering to the Kimberley Process.